I’ve been told love is patient, love is kind.
— The Bundys

Hey! We are Megan, Katey and Ryan Bundy - AKA "The Bundys". We're from Cincinnati, OH and we were born and raised on music. Influenced by the likes of John Denver, Ryan Adams, Simon and Garfunkel and Dolly Parton these icons were a huge part of our musical tastes. As kids, we each taught ourselves how to play guitar and soon after started to individually write songs, although our collaboration would not come until we were older.

In 2010, Megan moved to Nashville, TN to chase the illusive "country music dream". While recording her first EP a few years later, she asked her two siblings to join her to sing harmony. What felt natural in the studio soon became apparent that we had found a sound with one another - something that was new, yet familiar to us. It was then that we decided to pursue our dream of being musicians together in Nashville.

For two years, we battled with competing schedules, school, work and distance trying to write our music, evolve as musicians, and have fun in the process. After making a brief appearance on Fox’s The X Factor, we decided to launch a Kickstarted campaign to help fund our first studio work together. Thanks to the extremely generous nature of our fans, we were able to solidify the opportunity to record our first record..

We traveled down to Dockside Studios in Maurice, Louisiana twice for recording sessions in 2014 and 2015. Guided by producer Justin Tocket, we aimed to create a record that describes who we are as a family and what we wanted to say as a band. Our debut album Louisiana Avenue was released in September of 2015.

After a successful launch, Louisiana Avenue spent time on the iTunes “Singer-Songwriter” charts. Riding this wave of exhilaration, we took the momentum and began playing our music all around Nashville and various other Southern and Midwestern cities. After playing such gigs as Americana Festival, Musicians Corner, and the famous Bluebird Café, we were given the opportunity to open for Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes, on her “Today is Christmas” tour. This opportunity of a lifetime gave us the chance to expose our dream to thousands of fans and meet some incredible folk along the way.

In 2017, aside from the music, we got to watch our own Katey get married to the love of her life in August, capping off a Summer of recording with a fantastic party! Through our writing process last year we put our focus on writing about these characters that were now a part of our story. Music presents the chance to open a door into a person's life - their emotions, their struggles, their victories, and each note in between. Recording this new piece of work gave us the ability to spread these experiences and capture what we saw on the road. We released our EP Before I Go in December of 2017.

2018 has been filled with fun shows in new cities, working on our crafts, and enjoying the great gift that is being able to do what you love with your family. We hope to open up our family to yours through our music.