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The story...



Sibling trio, Megan, Katey and Ryan AKA "The Bundys" grew up in Cincinnati, OH. They were born and raised on music. Learning from influences like John Denver, Dave Matthews and Dolly Parton, they quickly taught themselves guitar and soon after followed up with songwriting. Although music was always played together in the house, they never wrote or played seriously together until much later.

Megan moved in 2010 to chase the illusive country music dream in Nashville, TN. A few years later, while recording an EP, Katey and Ryan joined her to sing harmony. It was that moment that changed their lives forever. They knew it was time to give Nashville a shot together.

Over the next two years, the trio battled with competing schedules, school, work and distance. After a very brief appearance on Fox’s The X Factor, The Bundys had to make a decision about the direction of their band. Could all three siblings put their lives on hold to chase the dream of a career in music? The more they wrote and played together, the clearer it became that this was what they were born to do. They decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first full length album.

After the album was successfully funded, they began recording at Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana. Guided by producer Justin Tocket, they created a record that describes who they are as a family and what they want to say as a band. 
Their debut album, Louisiana Avenue, was released in September of 2015 and is available now on iTunes.